June Brown

Front End Developer

Technical Writer

Published Occult Author

June Brown is a freelance writer, Front End Developer, and consultant based in Oklahoma City. As a developer her primary focus is JavaScript, React, HTML, and CSS with a continued drive to learn new frameworks and languages. She is currently the Creative Director at Deep Fork Technology. 

She is a former professional game master and steampunk. She loves painting, knitting, and supporting her local arts community. She is mom of two boys, chronicling their misadventures through childhood and cosplay in her blog Curious Life of Hobbits.

June is also a published Occult/Paranormal Author, her current book available in the U.S. and E.U. – Turning the Table: A Look at the Victorian Supernatural Obsession[available on Amazon].She has lectured on Victorian Paranormal at conventions and conferences across the U.S. 

She is a voice actor lending her voice to bring Rhayne’s Co A.I. to life in the web series Tales of a Broken Reality. She loves taking the stage at local open mics as a stand-up comedian.