Clevyr, Inc - What COVID-19 means for employers

The recent spread and recommended quarantine due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is leaving companies scrambling to create work from home policies. Remote working has been on trend over the last couple of years, with many companies slowly introducing the concept among employees. Many experts predicted this year to be the year of remote work. Little did they know that the concerns and onset spread of COVID-19 would accelerate the shift to working from home by companies nationwide.

Clevyr, Inc - Finding Your Development Partner - Shall We Dance?

There are few things in life we can equate to a waltz. A perfectly timed sequence of dance steps that requires partners who are in sync with the other. Each step is anticipated then well-executed. A communication of where the dance will lead to as the music defines the tempo. Much like a waltz finding the ideal development partner will either ensure success or delays. So how does one find the right development partner? There are many things to consider when exploring your options when seeking o

Clevyr, Inc - Finding Your Development Partner - Tango, Not a Limbo

Working with a development partner should have a fair balance between your vision and the reality of what is possible. This does not mean you should sacrifice your standards or expectations, neither should your chosen development team. This isn’t a limbo; the bar doesn’t rise and fall where either party is expected to contort themselves to make it work. You want to avoid this scenario where one minute the bar is high without any issues and the next so low that nothing can be accomplished. Roadb

Clevyr, Inc - Why You Should Build Custom Software

There comes a time when organizations grow, pivot or disrupt themselves in ways “off-the-shelf" software simply can’t support. The initial low-cost investment may seem like a great idea at the time, but over the long haul is it saving money? Maybe. But, maybe not. Inexpensive routes rarely lead to lean and efficient software. The consumer often pays for features that don’t meet their organization’s needs. What’s the alternative? Custom software. Despite a higher price tag, there are many advanta

Clevyr, Inc - Find Your Development Partner - The Beat Goes On

A dance is only as good as the beat. Your software product is only as good as the relationship you have with your development company. That relationship relies on more than just the initial vetting process. Setting the tempo for your relationship from start to finish requires involvement. Once you move forward with your chosen development partner, keep in mind that being actively involved in the process not only allows for the team to create a software product that meets your needs but can avoid

Clevyr, Inc - WFH Toolkit - Staying productive as a remote worker

Remote working has been a trending topic in the tech world for the past couple of years. Now with the spread of COVID-19 or more commonly known as the Coronavirus, many companies are not only encouraging but mandating that all employees work from home, now being commonly referred to as WFH. Communities around the country are complying with CDC recommendations like social distancing. At Clevyr, our team is utilizing digital portals and intranet tools to transition to #WFH life. The idea of worki

Facebook: Money Pit or Business Owner’s Friend?

Facebook. Most of us us it. Many of our parents even manage to use the large social community to post memes, misinformed political rants, and share photos. So, while that does not cover the entire expanse of Facebook, it has devolved into the tired standard. For Businesses, Facebook has become a MONEY PIT. That can work one of two ways – it can either eat through your profits or gain you an audience you may not have had before. Is it right for your business?

How Not to Kill Your Team’s Motivation

Employee motivation is essential to the health of your business. Your team is the backbone of your business. They support your business. They are the drive behind completing company goals. High employee turnover can hurt your bottom line. It can also affect your clients who become accustomed to working with your staff. Clients like dealing with someone that they trust. They cannot build a trusting relationship if your staff changes too often. Employees can become unmotivated on their own. There

8 Marketing Tips to Help Your Architecture Firm Grow

Architecture firms, like any other business, need to have solid business goals in place. Your business needs a system to track clients, projects, invoice –accounts payable and receivable—and any other pertinent details associated with running your business. In order to get clients and make money, your firm needs a great marketing strategy in place. Marketing gets your business seen by potential clients. Without a marketing plan, your firm won't garner the clientele and exposure you need to grow.

What You Need to Know About Medical Billing in 2016

The nature of medical billing, coding, insurance, and collections are ever changing. There are countless regulations in place to govern how practices bill for services. Physicians are left needing to juggle between providing care to patients and ensuring the back-office is running efficiently. Finding balance to maintain your practice is the goal. That’s why we’ve put together this post. Although medical doctors are experts on the human body, they often don’t know the basics of medical billing.

5 Strategies to Reduce Overdue AR

Overdue accounts receivables can become a headache to you and your business. Overdue invoices can negatively affect your business. It’s not just about your bottom line. If you’re looking to obtain a business loan, lenders will consider the past due accounts that you have as part of your books. Maintaining a relationship with a client is valuable, but getting them to pay their bill on time is essential.  You can help to prevent overdue accounts by implementing consistent processes, working with y

How to Fully Utilize Employee Productivity to Enhance Your Business

Employee productivity is an important factor in any business. Productivity manifests itself in the form of results for any organization. The sustainability and survival of a business is based upon the input and efficiency of the work produced. So, the question for business owners is how can you fully utilize employee productivity to enhance your business? Here are 9 things to consider about employee productivity. A decrease in productivity does not fall squarely on the shoulders of an employee.

First-party or Third-party Collections: Which is Right for Your Business?

Determining how to handle accounts receivables for your business can often become confusing and stressful. Each business is unique and requires their own plans of action to minimize and resolve billing issues. In this volatile economy, dealing with slow-paying customers becomes a challenge. Often, businesses are faced with taking serious actions by turning accounts over to a collections agency to resolve the owed debt. What Are Your Options? Just like in every other aspect of your business, yo
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